Lets Learn About Audio!

We will cover the 4 most important effects in audio Production

  • Compressor

    Compressors and limiters are used to reduce dynamic range — the span between the softest and loudest sounds. Using compression can make your tracks sound more polished by controlling maximum levels and maintaining higher average loudness. Here are some compression basics, different compression types, and some tips to try on your tracks.

  • Equalizer

    An equalizer is used in pro audio to change the loudness balance of ranges of frequencies. For example, low frequencies can be made louder or quieter; high frequencies can be made louder or quieter; mid-range frequencies can be made louder or quieter. Equalizers are used in live sound, broadcasting, and in the recording studio.

  • Reverb

    Reverb occurs when a sound hits any hard surface and reflects back to the listener at varying times and amplitudes to create a complex echo, which carries information about that physical space. Reverb pedals or effects simulate or exaggerate natural reverberations.

  • Delay

    A delay is an effect created by an audio effects unit where it records an input signal into an audio storage medium and then plays it back after sometime. When someone shouts on top of a hill, the person hears himself back after sometime with a reduced volume. This phenomenon is known as ‘echo’. The same phenomenon when recreated artificially in the studio is known as ‘Delay’. Without any doubt, ‘Delay’ is one of the most powerful music production tools in the market today. Almost all modulation effects we hear are created using specific delays.